Sunday, November 20, 2005

The ideal Skype handset – The Linksys CIT200 Cordless Internet Telephony Kit

The Linksys CIT200 Cordless Internet Telephony Kit is a cordless handset that works seamlessly with Skype on your computer.

Here are its advertised features:

* You don't have to sit in front of your computer to talk to your friends with Skype™

* USB Base Station connects to your PC and puts your Skype contact list on the handset's screen -- just choose and talk

* Handset features illuminated Caller ID screen, speakerphone, call waiting, and intercom to other (optional) handsets

* Also supports SkypeOut™ dialing and incoming SkypeIn™ calls

Check it out at:

I am going to get one if I find one locally!


Lim Boon Tiong said...

me too!!! i am eyeing it ! :)

Softwaremaker said...

It is selling at Sim Lim (Skylet) for SGD199

It is very expensive because it comes with some credits.

I have got the Ranger USB VOIP phone that also supports Skype and it costs just SGD79 and it comes with all cordless features, caller ID, etc ...

To me, the Ranger is my ideal Skype Handset

Wei-Meng Lee said...

You can get it for $188 at most stores. I think another phone worth getting is the DUALphone - supports both regular calls as well as Skype calls.

Steven said...

Kept hearing people talk about Voip and IP Telephony. Didn't know what it was but i found the Lloyds Business website and it shed some light. Not as exciting as i though it was gonna be