Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Programming Sudoku Released!

My latest book - Programming Sudoku (Apress) has just been published! Noticed that the cover has been revised from the earlier draft.

If you are a college or University professor teaching a beginning course in programming, you may like to take a look at this book and see if it is suitable as a textbook for teaching programming in a fun way. Simply send me an email (using your university email account) and briefly describe the courses you teach (or are going to teach) and I will get a review copy of the book sent to you for evaluation.


Falklian said...

Hi, I just recently picked up your book at my local Borders and am really enjoying it. I'm a novice programmer and have actually been translating the code in the book to Visual C#. I have completed the program, however, it seems to run incredibly slow when generating puzzles and it also seems to generate puzzles without 1 solution most of the time (easy, medium and difficult), so it returns an empty string which causes the application to throw an exception. I figure it's likely an error in translation somewhere, but I would like to know with your finished application in Visual Basic, how long does it normally take to generate a puzzle? I figure that will give me a starting point as to what might be going wrong. Thanks in advance.

LangPol 1st said...

I've flipped through the book but have not used it as the basis for a program. Other Sudoku apps I've written (some in C#) solve Ny problem in less than 1 second, most on the order of a few ms.

liam said...

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