Friday, June 09, 2006

The Joy of Two Monitors!

I have always wanted a big monitor, preferably a 30" LCD monitor that can satisfy my needs to have several Visual Studio windows open. However, reality is always painful and I have to make do with whatever I have. Instead of chucking away my trusty NEC 17" LCD which I got two years ago, I got another one (a LG 17"LCD). Adding a new video card to my computer allows it to power the two monitors (one analog and one DVI). And since Windows XP/2003 supports multiple monitors, you can literally combine the two monitors into one large viewing area. And now I have 2560x1024 of viewing area! Believe me, once you have two monitors you will never go back to the old days. And I can now open two Visual Studio 2005 windows and edit two applications at the same time....saves me a lot of time in switching windows. Looks like the price for Dell's 30" LCD monitor is dropping... ;-)

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