Tuesday, July 25, 2006

NOVA : Battle of the X-Planes (2002) DVD

If there is a DVD that I watched many times over and over, it must be the NOVA : Battle of the X-Planes (2002) DVD. I have always been facinated with fighter aircrafts, and this DVD detailed the making of the X-Planes (known as the JSF - Joint Strike Fighter, under development) - from Boeing and Lockheed Martin. From conception to test flights, this DVD has never failed to get me excited, and it always inspired me to write better articles and applications, just like the engineers from Boeing and Lockheed who worked tirelessly to perfect the next generation multirole fighter.

Though this DVD is a bit dated (2002), it still provides great insight into the design philosphopy of the JSF, now formally know as F35 Lightning II.

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