Thursday, April 19, 2007

Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Programming using the .NET Compact Framework 2.0 - 16th, 17th Aug 2007

* An overview of Microsoft's New Windows Mobile 6 * Introduction to Windows Mobile 6 Standard Programming (previously known as SmartPhone) *

I am happy to announce the next run of the Windows Mobile 5.0 Programming course! After much considerations and planning, the dates are set on the 16th and 17th Aug 2007 (Thurs and Fri). This time round, I am adding one day (optional day) of introductory topics so that beginners can get a jumpstart on the basics before they embark on more advanced topics. If you have missed the first run of the course in May, this is a good time for you to register now. Details below:

Download the registration form here.

This course will introduce to participants the various techniques to program their Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC devices. Far from being an introductory course, this feature-packed course will show you how to interface with external devices, communicate wirelessly with other devices, as well as access the data of built-in applications (such as Contacts, Outlook Mobile, and Calendar) from within your own.

What you will learn
Day 1 (Introductory Topics)

* Using Visual Studio 2005 for Windows Mobile 5.0 Programming
* Obtaining the relevant SDKs
* Introduction to Windows Mobile 6 (NEW)
* Introduction to Windows Mobile 6 Standard (aka SmartPhone) Programming (NEW)
* Creating your first Windows Mobile application
* How to access the information of your contacts in Contacts
* How to integrate telephony functions into your application
* Data access and data-binding
* Using Web Services

Day 2 (Advanced Topics)
* How to connect to serial devices (e.g. GPS, computers) using Bluetooth
* How to obtain geographical location information using a GPS
* How to send and receive SMS messages
* How to capture images using the built-in camera
* How to perform barcode scanning (1D and 2D barcode scanning)
* How to capture signature
* How to program the IrDA port
* How to connect to a remote computer using sockets programming
* How to program RFID
* How to print to a Bluetooth Printer

* Time: 9am to 5pm daily
* Day 1 – 16th Aug 2007 (Thurs)
* Day 2 – 17th Aug 2007 (Fri)
* Closing date for registration: 16th July 2007

Course Fees

* Day 1 - S$399
* Day 2 - S$399
* To qualify for Early Bird Discount, register before 16th June and receive a $100 discount for each day ($299 after discount)
* Inclusive of 1 lunch and 2 tea breaks for each day

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