Thursday, August 02, 2007

Try out the MC35 at the Windows Mobile 5.0 course

I am delighted to announce that Symbol (Motorola) has kindly agreed to loan a couple of MC35 to me. ;-) That means that if you have already signed up for the 16, 17th Aug run of the Windows Mobile 5.0 programming course, you would have a chance to try out first hand how well your application performs on it. If you have not signed up for the course, there is still time for the 20, 21 Sep run of the course. Download the application forms here.

* Symbol has traditionally been a leader in the enterprise mobility market, but with the launch of the MC35, they are sure looking at the pro-sumers market (e.g. managers and professionals). The MC35 has a slim footprint and comes with a built-in camera that changes into a barcode reader with the flick of a switch.