Friday, March 21, 2008

New Course - Windows Mobile Network Programming and Hardware Interfacing using the .NET Compact Framework

This course introduces to participants the various techniques to program their Windows Mobile 5.0/6 Pocket PC devices to communicate with the outside world. Far from being an introductory course, this lab-intensive course will show you how to interface with external devices and communicate wirelessly with other devices.

What you will learn
* Introduction to the Windows Mobile 5.0/6 SDK
* Introduction to the .NET Compact Framework
* Using the Cellular Emulator
* Communicating with the outside world:
- Web Services
- Infrared
- Bluetooth (Serial port)
- Sockets
* Interfacing with External devices
- Camera
- Barcode Reader
- GPS receivers
- Smart card reader
- Implementing a call manager using SMS messaging
- Building a location-aware application using GPS
- Transferring Binary Data using Web Services
- Transferring data using infrared
- Data Synchronization using Sockets
- Activating the built-in camera
- 1D/2D Barcode scanning using the built-in camera
- Reading magnetic card information
- Accessing the SIM card information
- Voice recording using the OpenNetCF’s Smart Device Framework

* Time: 9am to 5pm daily
* 25th April 2008

Course Fee
* $299
* Inclusive of 1 lunch and 2 tea breaks

* Motorola Enterprise Mobility Business
230 Victoria Street #12-06/10
Bugis Junction Office Tower
Singapore 188024

Download application form here.

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