Saturday, December 05, 2009

3-day iPhone Application Programming using Xcode Training Course

Just a gentle reminder that the iPhone Foundation class is on this 21-23 Dec 2009. If you have not registered yet, please do so soon as the seats are limited.

In this 3-day workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of native iPhone programming using the Apple iPhone SDK. You will understand basic concepts such as views, view controllers, protocols and delegates, as well as the tools that help you to develop iPhone applications – Xcode and Interface Builder. You will then dive into the details of programming the iPhone, such as how to invoke the built-in applications and access the hardware of the iPhone and iPod Touch device.
• Introduction to Xcode
• Exploring the Different Application Templates
- Developing a View-based Application
- Developing a Window-based Application
- Developing a Navigation-based Application
- Developing an Utility Application
• Using the iPhone Simulator
• Handling Screen Orientation
• Crash course in Objective-C
• Understanding Outlets and Actions
• Understanding Views and View Controllers
• Handling Text Inputs
• Files Handling
• Using the Table View
• Implementing Application Settings
• Database Programming using SQLite
• Invoking Built-in Applications
- Mail
- Phone
- Safari
- Contacts
- Photo Library
• Simple Animations
• Integrating your Web application with native application

Course Schedule
• 21-23 Dec 2009

Course Fee
• S$1495 (nett)

Download application form and brochures here.

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