Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Course in Sep 2010 - Integrating Advertising into your iPhone Applications

I will be launching a new course in Sep 2010 - Integrating Advertising into your iPhone Applications. This 1-day course will cover the topic of how to generate revenue in your iPhone applications through mobile advertising. You will learn how to integrate advertisements from AdMob and iAd into your iPhone applications. You will also learn how to track your application usage using Flurry Analytics.

Topics covered include:

* What is Mobile Advertising
* Pricing Models - CPM or CPC
* Opportunities and results

* Introduction to AdMob
* Setting up AdMob
* Using the AdMob SDK

* Introduction to the iAd Framework
* Using the AdBannerView
* Integrating iAd with your application
* Interacting with ads in your application
* Using iAd in a Table View Controller
* Ensuring backward compatibility

* Tracking application usage using Flurry Analytics

Note: This is a developer course and participants are expected to have basic knowledge of iPhone programming.

Date: 22 Sep 2010
Course Fee: S$599

Download course application form here.

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