Thursday, August 18, 2011

Android apps in the Android Market from participants of my Android class in the US - Aug 2011

This week I am in the US conducting my Android Programming class. And I am very proud to list the apps that some of my course participants have created in the short time span of a couple of days. Check out these apps in the Android Market. More will be listed as soon as they are available on the Android Market. This is way cool, guys!

Simple Tip Calculator that lets you choose the level of service that you had and it tells you how much of a tip you should leave based on the dollar amount of your ticket.

Protect Lives and Property within the Cove Acres calling area. Assist other Fire Districts as needed and requested.

A simple currency converter application to give you real-time currency exchange information for 80+ international currencies.

Internet/data connection is needed in order to obtain real-time rate.

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