Friday, September 02, 2011

Using your Borders Gift Card (Singapore) to offset against my courses

Recently, it was reported in the Singapore papers that due to the closure of Borders at Wheelock place, customers could no longer use its previously issued gift cards to make purchases at other branches. While this is a very disappointing news to a lot of customers, I have decided to follow the spirit of German Airline Lufthansa, who has very generously offered to let customers offset their air tickets value using their existing gift card.

As a book lover myself, I visit book stores regularly, especially Borders. I had been going there since I was a student, and had many fond memories. The smell and feel of books, and the aroma of coffee that fills the store has become a part of many peoples' lives.

Hence, I would like to offer existing Borders gift card holders to offset the fees for my courses using their existing Borders gift card. Every customer can offset a maximum of S$50 for any courses that they sign up. At this moment, here are the courses scheduled to run in Sep and Oct 2011:

September 2011
* 12 Sep 2011 - Objective-C Programming - S$499
* 13-14 Sep 2011 - Foundation of iPhone Programming - S$997
* 15-16 Sep 2011 - Advanced iOS Programming - S$997
* 19-20 Sep 2011 - Android Programming - S$997

October 2011
* 3 Oct 2011 - Objective-C Programming - S$499
* 4-5 Oct 2011 - Foundation of iPhone Programming - S$997

* All courses will be held at Mountbatten Square, Singapore.
* Attendees have to bring their own notebook computers
* Training time: 9am to 5pm.

For enquiries, please call (65) 9-692-4065.

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