Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Course - MOB101 – 3-Day Writing Cross Platform iOS and Android Apps using Xamarin and C#

In this 3-day workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of building cross-platform mobile apps targeting iOS and Android devices using Xamarin and C#.

Using the Xamarin Studio, you cannow write iOS and Android apps using your familiar C# language. When you are ready to deploy your apps, the Xamarin compiler will compile your app into the native binary for each platform. The end result is you have a first class application that is optimized for the respective platform that it is compiled for.

• Introduction to Xamarin and Xamarin Studio
• HelloWorld using Xamarin Studio
• Using the emulators and simulator
• Handling Screen Rotations
• User interface Design
• Multi-screen applications
• Files Handling & Data Storage
• Cross-platform Code Sharing for Android and iOS
    o Strategies for cross-platform code sharing
    o Web Services
    o Data Storage

Course outlines and application form here.

Bayview Hotel
30 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189621

19-21 Jun 2013 (Wed-Fri)

9am to 5pm

Register before 1 June to enjoy a S$100 early bird discount!

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