Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Announcing the details of the Pebble Programming course

I am super excited to announce the details of the first Pebble Programming course held in Singapore. Here is the synopsis of the course and the dates:

Pebble Watch included in course fee!

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of programming the Pebble watch. You will learn the difference between a Watchapp and a WatchFace app, and how to develop compelling Watchapps and WatchFace apps that you can install onto your own Pebble Watch. You will also learn how to write iOS and Android apps that interact with your apps on the Pebble watch. 

Setting up the Pebble SDK
WatchApp vs. WatchFace apps
Hello, Pebble World!
A Quick Introduction to the C Programming Language
Anatomy of a Pebble App
    Header Files
    Static and global variables
    Initializing the UI of the app
    De-initializing the app
Building User Interfaces
    Event Handlers
    Click Handlers
    Timer Handlers
    Navigating Windows
    Simple Animations
Persisting Data
    Writing to persistent storage
    Reading from persistent storage
    Deleting a key from persistent storage
Using the Pebble Accelerometer
    Using the Accelerometer Service
    Registering for Tap events
Integrating with Mobile Apps
    Using the PebbleKit for iOS and Android
    Connecting to your Pebble
    Obtaining information on Pebble
    Communicating with a Pebble app
    Launching and Killing your Pebble app
    Sending and Receiving messages
Integrating with JavaScript
    How to get your Pebble App to communicate with your JavaScript code running on the Pebble Mobile App on your mobile device
    Passing messages from Pebble to JavaScript
    Passing messages from JavaScript to Pebble

    Launching configuration page to let users customize your Pebble app

What you need to bring for the course?
    a. Need to bring along a Mac for the course
    b. Bring along your iOS or Android device

Time and Dates
9am to 5pm:

* 6-7 Jan 2014 (Mon-Tue)
* 6-7 Feb 2014 (Thu-Fri)
* 10-11 Mar 2014 (Mon-Tue)

* S$1,295 (nett; no GST) 
* Course fee includes a Pebble Watch (US$150)

Bayview Hotel Singapore
30 Bencoolen Street 
Singapore 189621

Application Form
Download Application Form here.

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