Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Learn Swift Programming - 1-2 Dec 2014

If you are an iOS developer, you should definitely get a head start in Apple's new programming language for developing iOS and Mac OS X applications. Designed to be an easy to learn and type-safe language, Swift allows developers to get productive in a very short time. Come and join us and learn all the important features of Swift in 2 days!

All attendees will get a copy of my latest book -Beginning Swift Programming, when it is published in Dec 2014. In addition, you will get  a Swift language reference guide that will come in handy as you code your way through Swift.

Topics that you will learn
• Introduction to Swift
• Data Types
• Strings and Characters
• Basic Operators
• Functions
• Collections
• Control Flow and Looping
• Classes, Structures, and Objects
• Class Inheritance
• Closures
• Protocols and Delegates
• Generics

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