Sunday, August 30, 2015

NDC-London - Workshop: Writing Cross Platform iOS and Android Apps using Xamarin.Forms

In the upcoming NDC London 2016, I will be doing a pre-conference workshop on developing cross-platform iOS and Android apps using Xamarin.Forms.

For more information on NDC London 2016, click this link.

Synopsis of the Workshop
In this 2-day workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of building cross-platform mobile apps targeting iOS and Android devices using Xamarin.Forms. Using the Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio, you can now write iOS and Android apps using your familiar C# language. When you are ready to deploy your apps, the Xamarin compiler will compile your app into the native binary for each platform. The end result is you have a first class application that is optimized for the respective platform that it is compiled for.

Introduction to Xamarin.Forms Cross Platform UI Development
Using Pages
Using Layouts
StackLayout, AbsoluteLayout, RelativeLayout
GridLayOut, ContentView, ScrollView, Frame
Using the various UI controls
Displaying Maps
Accessing native features using DependencyService
Accessing Locations Services
Accessing Web Services
Deploying iOS and Android apps

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