Monday, November 21, 2016

Course Updates

Courses Confirmed for December 2016

Here is the list of courses that are confirmed for December 2016:

  • IOT202 - Introduction to Data Science using Python

  • AND101 - Fundamentals of Android Programming using Android Studio

  • IOS101 - Fundamentals of iPhone Programming using Swift

  • IOT101 - Programming Internet of Things (IoT) using Raspberry Pi

  • IOT104 - Programming Internet of Things (IoT) using Arduino

  • WEB202 - Implementing iOS and Android Push Notifications

Changes to Course Duration and Content

MOB104 - Writing Cross Platform iOS and Android Apps using Xamarin.Forms and C#

MOB104 is now a 2-day course. Due to the focus of Microsoft on the cross-platform developers' tools, Xamarin.Forms is now more important than ever. In this course, you will learn how to develop cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as learn some advanced techniques like:

  • Cross-platform User Interface
  • Dependency Injection
  • MVVM Architecture

IOS302 - Advanced iOS - Apple Watch Programming

With the latest watchOS from Apple, the Apple Watch is now a much more compelling wearable device. Apps now launch quicker, and battery life is much improved on the new Apple Watch series 2. We have since revised this course to 2 days, so that we have time to cover all the cool new features in watchOS 3. (Course comes with an Apple Watch Series 2 watch)

IOT201 - Python Programming

IOT201 is now titled "Python Programming". Instead of focusing just on the syntax of Python, we now cover doing interesting things with Python, such as:

  • Developing RESTful service using Flask
  • Securing your RESTful service using a SSL and Basic Authentication
  • Sockets programming using Python
  • Push notifications using Python
  • Writing your own modules

As such, the IOT201 is now a 2-day course.

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