Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Upcoming Courses - Mobile Development, Data Science/Machine Learning, Python, Internet of Things (IoT) and more

Recommended Courses

Mobile Apps Development

Fundamentals of iPhone Programming using Swift (S$1297)

Learn the building blocks of iOS apps development; covers Swift 3

Fundamentals of Android Programming using Android Studio (S$1297)

Learn the building blocks of Android apps development

Writing Cross Platform iOS and Android Apps using Xamarin.Forms and C# (S$1297)

Learn cross-platform mobile apps development using Xamarin Studio and C#

Advanced Android - Programming Bluetooth Low Energy (S$899)

Course includes Bluetooth LE devices and beacons

Advanced Android - Android Wear Programming (S$1697)

Course includes an Android Wear device

Internet of Things (IoT)

Programming Internet of Things (IoT) using Raspberry Pi (S$1897)

Course includes an IoT Kit comprising of a Raspberry Pi and numerous sensors and accessories

Programming Internet of Things (IoT) using Arduino (S$1897)

Course includes an IoT Kit comprising of a couple of Arduinos and more than 30 sensors and accessories

Programming the micro:bit (S$997)

Learn how to program the micro:bit with MicroPython. Course includes an IoT Kit comprising of a micro:bit and several sensors and accessories

Data Science / Machine Learning

Programming Intelligent Chatbots using the Microsoft Bot Framework (S$1297)

Build useful bots that understand natural language, and integrate them with your favorite client applications

Introduction to Data Science using Python (S$1297)

Learn how to perform data analytics using Python, Numpy, Pandas, and matplotlib

Machine Learning using Azure ML Studio and R (S$1497)

Learn Machine Learning and R programming using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio

Web Development

Programming Web Apps using Node.js (S$799)

Develop server-side apps with ease using Node.js

Python Programming

Applied Python Programming (S$1297)

Learn Python Programming and how to use it to create interesting apps such as RESTful services and more

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