Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Article - Implementing Push Notifications in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Using Firebase

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are Web applications that behave like native mobile applications. PWAs leverage Google technology to deliver an extremely engaging mobile experience. PWAs live within the Web browser and have the ability to work even if the device is offline. At the same time, PWAs exhibit the behavior that you’ve come to expect from native mobile apps: They support background content updating, push notifications, and more. More importantly, PWAs can be updated without needing to resubmit your applications to the app stores (both Apple and Google’s). 
In this article, I’ll discuss one of the most interesting and important features of PWA: Push Notifications. I’ll show you how to enable push notifications in your PWA application using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). And, as a bonus, I’ll show you how to host your PWA on Firebase Hosting, as well as how to host your REST API as a serverless app through Firebase Functions. Keep your seat belt on, as this is going to be a very fun (and exciting) journey!

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