Thursday, August 18, 2005

iPod Photo

When Apple first released the iPod Photo in late 2004, I was one of the first to order one, in addition to the third generation 20GB iPod I already have. I was intrigued with the fact that you can display photos and album artworks with the iPod photo and perhaps with some hacks you can play movies with it (no one really managed to do it, but close).

That prompted me to write the eDoc - All About Your iPod Photo (PDF), for O'Reilly. In it, I shared some of the ways in which you can:
  • Save photos for viewing on a TV
  • Use it for presenting PowerPoint slides
  • View photo slideshows with background music
  • View and listen to Podcast

However, recently Apple has decided to put color screens on every iPod, meaning that all new iPods you buy today are essentially iPod photos. This further proves that color is a necessity for the iPod and that a separate line of iPod with color capabilities does not justify the higher price tag (at least consumers would not be willing to pay for it).

Nevertheless, my eDoc is still useful if you have a color iPod :-) It is available as a PDF file for US$5.95. I am not sure if people are willing to folk out cash for buying bytes, but do let me know if you have reached the stage where you buy books based on content rather than on something physical.

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