Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tip: Getting connected to the Internet using the Windows Mobile Emulator

Sometimes when you test your Windows Mobile application on the Windows Mobile emulator, you need Internet connectivity. However, by default the emulator does not have network connectivity. Hence, you need to do some work in order for you to get connected to the outside world.

The key to getting this work is using ActiveSync. In Visual Studio 2005, go to Tools Device Emulator Manager and right-click on "Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator" (assuming you are using this emulator) and select Connect. Whent the emulator is launched, in the Device Emulator Manager, right-click on the same emulator and select Cradle.

To confirm the Internet connectivity, use Pocket Internet Explorer and see if you can connected to the outside world. If not, you will see a connection error message. Tap on the Settings link and in the Settings window, tap the Advanced tab and tap the Select Networks button. Select My Work Network (see picture above). You should now be able to get connected!
* In ActiveSync, go to File -> Connection Settings... and check DMA under the "Allow connections to one of the following".

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