Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Learning Windows Communication Foundation course (16th June 2008)

If you have not enrolled in the Learning Windows Communication Foundation course yet, be sure to do so this week as the early bird discount ($100; fee is $299 after discount) ends this week. After that, the full price of $399 will apply.

Here are the things you will learn in this course:

• Introduction to the Windows Communication Foundation
• The ABCs of WCF
• Developing WCF Service Library using Visual Studio 2008
• Developing a WCF Service and consuming a WCF Service
• Consuming a WCF Service asynchronously
• Deploying WCF Services
• Implementing Callbacks using WCF
• Implementing Transactions using WCF
• Securing WCF Services

In addition, you will:
* build a Cinema Ticketing application project using WCF that shows in real-time the number of seats booked and seats remaining!
* learn about the latest synchronization technology using Sync Services for ADO.NET and how you can synchronize your database over a WCF service.

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Razvan said...

Hi Wei Meng, sorry to contact you this way but was wondering if it would be possible to communicate with you via e-mail? Haven't found your address anywhere and I had a few questions regarding the IT (Microsoft specifically) scene in SG (since I may be moving there quite soon)... Won't take much of your time. Cheers, Razvan (PS my e-mail is razvan.petrescu@gmail.com).