Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Location-Based Services Using CellID

Though GPS functionality has become hugely popular, it doesn't work indoors and not all devices have built-in GPS receivers. How do you get around this? Learn how to find and use CellID to locate your device and use Googe maps to display it.


kw said...

It seems like am not able to get the correct location. This is what I get 4-0-0. Anything to do with my PPC Eten X500?

Wei-Meng Lee said...

Seems like it is the problem with the device. Can you download Google Maps for Mobile to test if the My Location feature works? If it does not, then it means the problem is with your device.

Just to check, you have a valid SIM in the device?

Bo Bo Lwin said...

Hi .. I was not able to get location with my HP IPAQ Business Navigator with Google Maps even though I have the valid SIM. Why? Thanks.