Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2-day Android Programming - 1-2 Oct 2009

Android is Google’s operating system for mobile devices. Using the Android SDK, developers can develop applications on the Android platform using the Java Programming language. In this course, participants will learn the various techniques to program their Android devices.

This feature-packed course will show you how to get started in Android development, right from the start till deployment.


· Setting up the development environment using Eclipse
· Using the Android Emulator
· Understanding Activities, Views, Intents, and Content Providers
· Building the UI of an Android Application
· Error Logging using the Eclipse IDE
· Using the Notification Manager
· Persisting data
· Using Google Maps
· Sending and receiving SMS messages
· Using the built-in camera
· Creating Services
· Downloading files using HTTP GET and POST
· Location based services using GPS and CellID
· How to deploy Android applications

For pricing and course brochure, download application form here.

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