Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2-day Windows Mobile 6.1 Programming - 24-25 Sep 2009

This course will introduce to participants the various techniques to program their Windows Mobile 6 devices. This feature-packed course will show you how to get started in Windows Mobile development, right from the start till deployment.

Part 1 – User Interface Design in Windows Mobile
Building Screen Orientation and Resolution Aware Applications
Basic User Interface and Controls
Setting the Input Modes

Part 2 – Communicating with the Outside World
Intercepting Incoming SMS Messages
Implementing a Call Manager using SMS Messaging
Using Web Services
Transferring Binary Data using Web Services
Location-based Services using CellID and GPS

Part 3 – Persisting Data
File I/O (Text)
File I/O (Binary)
Database Access using SQL Server Compact Edition
Creating a SQL Server Compact Database Programmatically
Using XML for Storage
Using XML Serialization

Part 4 – Data Capturing
Capturing Signature
Barcode Scanning

Part 5 – Deployment
Creating CAB File for Deployment
Creating a Setup Application

For pricing and course brochure, download application form here.

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