Monday, March 18, 2013

New Course - Writing Secure Android Apps

Security is one of the major concerns of any mobile applications developers. In the case of Android, the openness of Android comes with a price, and this price is that of security.  In this course, you will learn how to secure your apps so that the data is not exposed to unauthorized users and apps. You will also learn how to protect your apps on the Google Play so that you do not become a victim of software piracy.  

* Understanding Application Isolation
* Preventing your Activities from being called by other apps
* Defining your own permissions
* Implementing Hashing
* Implementing Encryption and Decryption
    Using AES for symmetric encryption/ decryption  
    Using RSA for asymmetric encryption/decryption
* Saving data in Internal Storage vs. SD Card
* Specifying Separate Read and Write Permissions for Content Providers
* Preventing SQL Injection
* Communicating with Web Services Securely
* Preventing your Apps from Piracy using Google Play Licensing
* Using the KeyChain API

* 19 Apr 2013
* 23 May 2013
* 14 Jun 2013

9am to 5pm

Download course application form here.

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