Wednesday, October 09, 2013

AND303 – 1-Day Advanced Android – Bluetooth Low Energy Programming

In recent years, we have seen a proliferation of Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) devices. Bluetooth LE, as its name implies, uses low energy for transmitting data.  This is very useful for devices that require long-battery life, such as heart rate monitor, temperature sensors, etc.  In Android, Bluetooth LE functionalities weren’t supported at the platform level until Android 4.3

In Android 4.3, you can now write applications that use Bluetooth LE. Your application can now connect to heart monitors, as well as temperature sensors using Bluetooth LE. 

  • What is Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE)
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Central and Peripherals
    • GATT server and GATT client
    • Services and Characteristics
  • Testing for Bluetooth LE support in your Android devices
  • Scanning for Bluetooth LE devices
  • Communicating with Bluetooth LE sensors
  • What is iBeacon
    • Detecting iBeacons
  • Building Location Based Services applications using iBeacon
At the end of the course, you will learn:
How to communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy devices (such as temperature sensors and heart rate monitors) from your Android applications.
How to build location-aware applications using iBeacon.
Attended the Foundation of Android Programming course
Android device running at least 4.3 and supports Bluetooth LE (required)
Android ADT Bundle

Course Fee
S$699 (nett; No GST)

Download course outline and application here.

7 Nov 2013 (Thu)
12 Dec 2013 (Thu)

Bayview Hotel Singapore
30 Bencoolen Street 
Singapore 189621

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sumith said...

Is there a online or recorded version of this course, I am in Uk and am interested in this topic.