Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WEB103 – 2-Day Web Development using PHP and MySQL - 19-20 Dec 2013

PHP is a server-side script language that is designed for dynamic web applications development. It is often used in conjunction with HTML and SQL to produce dynamic web pages. In this course, participants will learn about the PHP language, as well as how it integrates with HTML to create dynamic web applications. In addition, participants will also learn how to use PHP together with MySQL databases to create data-driven web sites. 

Setting up the Development Server
Introduction to PHP
Structure of PHP
Data Types
PHP Operators
PHP Control Flow
PHP Functions and Objects
Object Oriented Programming using PHP
PHP and the Web
Working with Web Forms, Data, and Sessions
Using Cookies in PHP
Error logging and exceptions handling
Introduction to MySQL
Configuring PHP for Database Support
Creating a MySQL Database
Accessing MySQL Database using PHP

Course Fee
• S$997 (nett; No GST)

Download course outline and application here.

• 19-20 Dec 2013 (Thu-Fri)

Bayview Hotel Singapore
30 Bencoolen Street 
Singapore 189621

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