Thursday, December 19, 2013

Xamarin Course on 8-10 Jan 2014 Confirmed!

I am happy to announce that the MOB101 - Xamarin Course on 8-10 Jan 2014 is now confirmed!

Using the Xamarin Studio, you can now create compelling Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps using C#. Best of all, you can share your application logic  between the two platforms. And when you are ready, you can easily port your application to Windows Phone 8 (using Visual Studio)! And did I mention that your app developed will be a native app and a first-class citizen on the platform?

On 8-10 Jan 2014, I will have the 3-day course on using Xamarin to build iOS and Android apps. This course covers both iOS and Android development. As such you need to bring along your own Mac, as the testing needs to be done on the iPhone Simulator, which requires a Mac.

For those of you who want to know about the power of Xamarin, check out my article on the Jan/Feb issue of Code Magazine!

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