Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bluetooth Low Energy Programming - iOS and Android

For those of you who are into Bluetooth Low Energy programming, there are two courses coming up this month:

* 22 Jan 2014 - AND303 – Advanced Android – Bluetooth Low Energy Programming
* 29 Jan 2014 - IOS301 – Advanced iOS – Programming iBeacon in iOS 7 using Bluetooth Low Energy

Both courses will focus on the following topics:
    * How to connect to BLE devices (such as Heart Rate Monitor, Temperature Sensors, Keyfobs, etc)
    * How to read and write to characteristics on the BLE devices
    * How to use iBeacons for Location-Based Services
    * How to scan for iBeacons
Participants will get a unit of the Ti SensorTag. The Ti SensorTag is a Bluetooth Low Energy (CC2541) device containing 6 sensors:

    * temperature
    * humidity
    * pressure
    * accelerometer
    * gyroscope
    * magnetometer

Bayview Hotel Singapore
30 Bencoolen Street 
Singapore 189621
9am to 5pm

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