Monday, October 17, 2016

IoT development using Arduino

The upcoming IOT104 - Programming Internet of Things using Arduino course has been totally updated to include more exciting topics. Instead of one day, this course is now two days and include a comprehensive IOT Kit with all the various sensors and accessories that allows you to build interesting connected IoT apps.

Projects you will create:

  • How to connect the Arduino to the Internet using Ethernet and WiFi 
  • How to display information using LCD, LED Dot Matrix, and OLED displays 
  • How to measure temperature, pressure and humidity using Arduino 
  • How to control your Arduino using infrared remote control 
  • How to control your Arduino using Bluetooth Low Energy 
  • How to interface the Arduino with key pads 
  • How to send data to the cloud 
  • How to send push notifications to Android devices 
  • How program the NodeMCU development board (bonus topic)
  • How to communicate between Arduinos using ZigBee

This course comes with the IoT Kit containing more than 30 accessories and sensors, including the following: (this list is continually updated to include the latest devices; items subject to change subject to availability)

  • Arduino Board 
  • Arduino board with ESP8266 
  • Arduino Ethernet Shield 
  • LCD with Keypad Shield 
  • Dupoint Jumper Cables 
  • Breadboard 
  • PIR Motion Sensor 
  • Ultrasonic Sensor 
  • LEDs 
  • Colored Tactile Push Buttons 
  • Light Dependent Resistor 
  • 7 Segment LED Display 
  • Potentiometer 
  • Keypad Keyboard 
  • Dot Matrix Display Module 
  • OLED Display Module 
  • LCD Touch Module 
  • Key Display + Push buttons Module 
  • IR Remote Control Module 
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Module 
  • Xbee Shields 
  • Xbee Modules 
  • 4 7-Segment Display Module 
  • Stackable Header for Arduino 
  • Temperature/Barometric/Pressure Sensor Module 
  • Heart Rate Sensor 
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope Module 
  • NodeMCU development board

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