Thursday, October 20, 2016

IoT Development using Raspberry Pi

In the upcoming IOT101 - Programming Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi course,  we will be covering the latest Raspbian OS - PIXEL. This is the latest version of the Raspbian OS and it is updated with a very modern look-and-feel.

Besides using the latest OS, we have also taken this opportunity to update the course content. In this upcoming course, we will cover:

  • how to send data to the cloud
  • how to implement your own Amazon Echo using Amazon's Alexa service

Of course, we will also cover the popular topics that our participants have always enjoyed:
  • How to send push notifications to your Android devices
  • How to implement and scan iBeacons using the Raspberry Pi
  • How to interface with NFC readers
  • How to connect the Raspberry Pi to sensors - smoke, ultrasonic, temperature, and motion sensors
And of course, participants will get to bring back the IOT Kit, which includes items like:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Various sensors
  • LCD screens
  • Mic and Speaker
  • Pi Camera
  • NFC Reader

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