Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Developing "Touch" UI for Windows Mobile

Unless you have been hiding in the mountains for the last couple of months, you must have heard of (and even experienced) the revolutionary "touch" interface of Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. And that leaves the rest of us wanting that feature for our phones (Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc).

While the HTC Touch fills that void by supporting a touch UI, it requires people to buy a new device, which most of us do not have the luxury of doing so. So what to do if you have a Windows Mobile 5.0/6 device and are keen to develop applications that support the "touch" UI? Well, come and join us in the upcoming Windows Mobile 6 Programming course and I will show you the techniques to develop "touch"-enabled applications that allow users to navigate your application using their fingers. And best of all, these techniques work across all Windows Mobile devices.

Check out the course details here.

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