Friday, December 07, 2007

Windows Mobile Course - 5th to 7th Dec 2007 Thank you!

A big thank you to those of you who attended the Windows Mobile Training from 5th to 7th Dec 2007! I had a great 3-day conducting the course and it was really enjoyable to interact with each and every one of you. And not forgetting the laughters and fun we had. ;-)

For those who missed this course, come join me in the next run from 27th to 29th Feb 2008. Details coming soon! [Update: New dates are now available. Check out this link]

Here are some of the comments from you guys:

"It was a great exposure on window mobile programming on mobile computers such as the MC35 and MC70..."
Noor Jaffer, Y3 Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore

"It was a good training with an even better trainer. The entire training was interesting and value for money. Will certainly join the other courses when I can. Thanks!"
Desmond Pek, ITE

"Excellent course. Definitely worth every penny. "
Heng Shui Ming, Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd

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