Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Course - Web Application Development using ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX, and Silverlight

Important Update: Sorry for the mistake; the correct date for the course should be: 18th to 20th March. (21st March is Good Friday.)

This course is targeted at beginning Web developers who need to get jumpstarted to ASP.NET Web development in the shortest amount of time. This feature-packed and lab-intensive course will show you how to develop ASP.NET 3.5 applications, as well as numerous tips and tricks to enhance your Web applications using AJAX and Silverlight.

What you will learn
Day 1 – Basics of ASP.NET 3.5
* ASP.NET Fundamentals
- Understanding Postback
- Navigating from one page to another
- Web server and HTML controls
- Hiding and displaying controls
- Setting the focus of controls
- ASP.NET page caching
- Image maps
- Files uploading
* Validation
- Using the Validation controls
- Writing your own custom JavaScript
* Design
- Applying themes to your web pages
- Master pages and site navigation
- Displaying Drop-down menus
- Globalization and localization

Day 2 – Database, Security, and Web Services
* Database
- Database access using ADO.NET
- Data binding using the data controls
- Data caching
- Encrypting and decrypting configuration strings
- Building a shopping cart
* Security
- Implementing security using the security controls
- Creating and administering user accounts
- Personalizing your Web application using the Profile service
* Web services
- Developing and Consuming Web services
- Encrypting and Decrypting data

Day 3 – AJAX, Silverlight, Deployment
* Architecture of the ASP.NET AJAX Framework
- How to update part of a Web page without a page reload
- How to auto-complete user input
- How to update a panel at regular intervals
- How to create a panel that’s always floating and visible
- How to populate a DropDownList control without a page refresh
- How to display a confirmation dialog on a control
- How to call Web Services directly from a web page
- How to access the properties of a Profile property from a Web page
- How to add drag and drop functionality to a control
- How to give users control of the information shown by a panel
* Introduction to Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1
- Animation
- Media
- Integration with ASP.NET Futures
* Deployment
- Xcopy deployment

• Time: 9am to 5pm daily
• 18th to 20th (Tue to Thur) March 2008
• Closing date for registration: 19th Feb 2008

• $1099
• To qualify for Early Bird Discount, register before 19th Jan 2008 and receive a $200 discount ($899 after discount)
• Inclusive of 1 lunch and 2 tea breaks for each day

Download the application form here.


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