Thursday, February 05, 2009

2-day Programming Windows Forms Applications (S$898) - Course Confirmed

I am happy to announce that the above course has been confirmed.

In this 2-day course, you will learn how to develop compelling Windows Forms applications using the .NET Framework. You will learn the basics of Windows Forms applications and the use of the various Windows Forms controls. In addition, you will be building a number of projects, including learning how to interface to external devices like Web cams and fingerprint readers.
Attendees of this course will get a free Microsoft Fingerprint reader worth S$99.

Download the application form here.
Course Outline
· Basics of Windows Forms applications
· Persisting User’s data using Application Settings
· Building Smart Clients using Web Services and WCF Services
· Deploying Smart Clients using ClickOnce
· Database Access using ADO.NET
· Printing in Windows Forms
· Project 1 – Building your own Web browser
· Project 2 – Integrating Web cam into your applications
· Project 3 – Incorporating Fingerprint Recognition Technology into your application

1 comment:

SigNS said...

Hello...Mr Wei Meng..

I'm interested in making a fingerprint system database like u wrote in your in chapter 3...

I have done to do the system based from the example code that you write..But i'm curious about one thing..I hope you can guide me to solve this problem..

I'm trying to save all the infromation that been register is send/update in database..But after running the;s work well to scan and detect the fingerprint..But,it's temporary...Because after the program is off and runs agains..the information also gone..we need to register once again..i tought at first that syatem will always update and the information is parmenent...

And,the other thing is..when i change the data variable which i adding for contact number,matrix number and;s happen its can still be running without error in program..but..when it's need to rolled(add new user)...the "user added successfully" is not appear and a syntax error about a connection is appear...i hope u can guide me to solve this problem..because i thought of using this kind of system as class attendance...