Monday, February 02, 2009

Programming Mapping Applications - 18th Feb 2009

For those of you who still have not registered for the Programming Mapping Applications course, please do so soon as the course has been confirmed.

For the course, I will cover the following:
* How to programming Virtual Earth and Google Maps using JavaScript (through web browsers)
* How to obtain geographical data using GPS and Cell IDs (C#, Windows Mobile and Windows Forms)
* How to translate Cell IDs into Lat and Lng (C#) through a secret Google Maps API

The objectives of this course are:
* to get participants acquainted with the map APIs such as Google Maps and Virtual Earth
* to learn the various techniques to obtain GPS data and Cell IDs
* to learn how to use location data to build interesting apps

Hope to see you at the course!

1 comment:

IT-Blogger said...


I was trying to build your LBS sample application posted at

I am using VS 2008 and CF 3.5 but when I run the sample application on my WM 6 Standard (Smartphone)Phone I am unable to get any CellID insted I get this message:

"Failed to Initialize RIL"

I am using a Fido, Canada SIM Card in the phone.

Your help on this will be highly appreciated.