Friday, February 06, 2009

SingTel and HTC Introduce the HTC Dream™ — the First Android-Powered phone released in Singapore

Singtel and HTC has just announced that they will be bringing in the Google G1 into Asia. That means folks in Singapore and Australia will soon be able to buy the first Android handsets in the world.

Once you have played with the G1, you would want to write your own apps for it, such as this, this, this, and this.

To get jumpstarted on Android programming, come join us this 9-10th March for the Android course. You will start with zero knowledge and at the end of the second day you will be writing cool location-based services applications! Don't believe? Check this out.

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dimpase said...

Would be nice if you SingTel guys release the info on how to get HTC Android Dev Phone 1 hooked up on the GPRS. I am having trouble with this.
(I get voice/SMS, but no GPRS)
There are no docs available on this, and various things I find on the Net don't do the trick for me.