Friday, January 22, 2010

My author copy of Beginning iPhone SDK Programming with Objective-C

Finally, after several weeks of waiting I finally got hold of my own book - Beginning iPhone SDK Programming with Objective-C.

It is a relatively big book, with 500++ pages. More importantly, it covers quite a substantial list of topics that would be very useful to the beginning iPhone developer.

Check it out if you have the chance! Better still, buy the book and attend the courses!


Maysam said...

i have bought your book "beginning iphone sdk programming with
objective-c" it is published 2 weeks ago, but apparently it's based on
an older version of interface builder. is this okey? should I be able
to refund my money for a book which is based on the current version? I
bought this because I wanted something new, but it seems to be
outdated now and if I wanted to figure out everything myself, I would
have googled the topic instead of buying a book on it


Chexpeare said...

I like your book, but I'm using Apple SDK 3.2.1 (740) and there are some differences between what I'm seeing on my screen and some of the figures.

Chapter 2, page 36
Chapter 3, page 52

Reference is made to the Class actions and Class Outlets section within the BasicUIViewController.xib "File's Owner" window. Please be advised that I do not see these sections at all in my SDK (version 3.2.1 (740)). Where do I find them? Are there any other such cases throughout the book?

Wei-Meng Lee said...

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, there are some changes to IB. Checkout my reply at:


Anthony Tee said...

Hi Wei Meng, great book! However, I encountered an unknown execution error when I was following the tutorial @ chapter 3 - "A more complex example" where you have to create 5 PIN buttons. When I simulate the code, the PIN execution doesn't seem to work (I take it that it is "2345"). Thinking I may have made a mistake, I downloaded the tutorial code @ Wrox site and same thing happened. Do help me on this. Thanks! P.S. I am currently using Xcode 3.2.1.

Wei-Meng Lee said...

Thanks, Anthony!
Did you connect the btnClicked: action to the Click Me button? To do this, in Interface Builder:

Control-click and drag the Click Me button and drop it onto the File's Owner item. Select btnClicked:.

Hope this helps!