Monday, January 25, 2010

Notes on Changes in Interface Builder (3.2.1)

Thanks for the many feedback for the book! I appreciate your kind words and hope that you too find the book useful in getting you started with iPhone programming.

A number of you have raised the question on a subtle change in Interface Builder - that is, now you can no longer create outlets and actions in the Identity Inspector window of Interface Builder (as illustrated in my book).

As much as I strive to keep my book as up-to-date as possible, it is always not possible to do so, especially when you are writing a book on the iPhone SDK.

During the course of writing this book, I used the iPhone SDK 3.0. As the book was completed and about to go to press, the latest version of Interface Builder came along and by then it was too late to address the changes. As the changes do not in any way affect the code in the book, we could not justify further delaying the book any longer. As far as I am aware, all the code in the book work with the latest version of the SDK (iPhone SDK 3.1.2).

In any case, I have prepared a short note on how to address the changes in IB and how you can still create outlets and actions in Interface Builder. Download the note here.

Hope this will make it easier for readers of my book to follow through the exercises!


MikeGledhill said...

It's an excellent book, very clearly written, and I like the way each chapter has it's own start-from-scratch example showing how to try new ideas in a project.

I really hope you write an updated version, which covers XCode 4.

Wei-Meng Lee said...

Thank you, Mike:
Yes, a newer version covering Xcode 4 will be released end of this year. The title is "Beginning iOS 5 Application Development". Thanks!