Friday, January 29, 2010

New Course - iPad Programming

I am extremely excited to announce a new addition to my family of iPhone programming courses - the new iPad Programming Course. I am in the final stage of finalizing the schedule for this course and check out this page for more info next week.

At this moment, this would be a 1-day course and participants are expected to have some experience programming the iPod Touch or iPhone. It would be ideal to the existing iPhone/iPod Touch developers who wanted to also support their applications on the iPad.

If you are totally new to programming using Xcode, it would be good for you to start with the iPhone Foundation course.

Stay tuned!


ancch17 said...

Any more ipad programming courses for total beginners?

Wei-Meng Lee said...

For total beginners, they are advised to join the Foundation of iPhone programming course instead. There is a run on the 14-15 June 2010.


ancch17 said...

Thanks. Can't seem to find more details. What is the cost of the course?

Wei-Meng Lee said...

The details are here:

Course fee is S$997. Thanks!

ancch17 said...

Thanks! Just realized I bought your book - beginning iPad app development. So cool to be writing to the author :)
I have signed up for another one day course on ipad programming for beginners. Perhaps that should lay the foundation and then I join your iPad programming course (1day). I presume that would be a more advanced course? Look forward to your advice.