Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NEW Course - Developing Android Apps using App Inventor (21-22 June)

Wanted to learn how to write Android Apps but have no programming knowledge? Now you can write Android apps using App Inventor! Best of all, you don’t need to have any prior programming experiences! Using App Inventor, you can create a lot of interesting Android apps that use the camera to perform barcode scanning; connecting to Web services to retrieve weather information, store data on the devices, and more.

In this 2-day course, you will learn how to use App Inventor to develop interesting Android apps, such as:
o Getting your location data
o Displaying Google Maps
o Playing Music files
o Playing Videos
o Scanning Barcodes
o Connecting to a Web service to retrieve weather information
o Creating a motion-sensing game
o Creating a phone dialer
o Sending SMS messages

Best of all, this is ideal for people without any programming experience!

21-22 June 2014
(weekend class)

S$1,195 (nett; no GST)

Download the course outline and application form here.

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