Thursday, February 15, 2007

GPS Module for your Symbol MC70

Another really cool device I tried recently is the 1058-GPS from Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd. This is another plug-in for the MC70 and it draws the power from the MC70 directly. Accessing it programmatically is a no-brainer - simply listen to COM1 and interpret the NMEA data sentences that it spew out. For industries that need to track the whereabouts of their staff and delivery vehicles, this is a perfect accessory for your MC70, which has GPRS and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to transmit the geographical locations back to the server real time using wireless connections (GPRS or wireless hotspots).

I have an actual sample on how to perform real-time tracking using GPS and Pocket PCs at:

I will be covering how to use the 1058-GPS Module in the upcoming course -

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