Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New ASUS motherboards support SideShow

If you are looking to build a new PC to run Windows Vista, be sure to first checkout the new motherboards from ASUS - P5B Premium Vista Edition, M2N32-SLI Premium Vista Edition, P5B-Plus Vista Edition and M2N-Plus SLI Vista Edition. These 4 models include numerous features specifically designed for Vista, among them my favorite is no doubt the ScreenDuo, which is a SideShow device. SideShow is a auxiliary display supported in Windows Vista that allows you to view important information without needing to keep your PC on all the time. Some of the early SideShow devices are commonly found in notebooks, but the four motherboards listed above brings SideShow devices to the desktop.

And of course, SideShow devices are useless unless you got a way to program them to display useful information. Well, of course you can! Stay tuned! ;-)

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