Thursday, February 15, 2007

RFID Solutions for your Symbol MC70

If you are looking for a RFID solution and are searching for the mobile devices and its accompanying accessories, look no further. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with the 1059 HF Multi-ISO RFID Reader from Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd. The 1059 HF Multi-ISO RFID Reader is a plug-in for the Symbol MC70 and it draws its power from the MC70, and hence it does not require any external sources of power. It provides the ability to read and write to a wide variety of transponders at 13.56 MHz including ISO 15693, ICODE (I & II) and the complete Mifare family of ISO14443 (A&B).

Using the 1059 HF Multi-ISO RFID Reader, you can retain the barcode scanning capabilities of the MC70 and at the same time equip your MC70 with RFID capabilities.

I will be covering how to use the 1059-HF Multi-ISO RFID Reader module in the upcoming course -
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