Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Raspberry Pi Course is now confirmed! - 12 Sep 2013

I am excited to announce that the Raspberry Pi course is now confirmed! Each participant will get the following:

HRD101 1-Day Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and Python Programming

The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost (US$35) credit-sized computer that connects to your TV and keyboard. Running Linux as the operating system, it can be used for many purposes such as word-processing, games, spreadsheets, web browsing, and more; almost everything that you can do with a regular computer. What’s more, usng the Raspberry you can connect the  general purpose input and output (GPIO) pins right on the board to drive external hardware such as LEDs, motors, and relays. Programming on the Raspberry Pi is made simple using the Python language. Hence, this course will get you started with Raspberry Pi and the Python programming language.

Setting up the Raspberry Pi
    Preparing the SD Card
    Booting up the Raspberry Pi
    Configuring the Raspberry Pi
Getting around Linux on the Raspberry Pi
    Command Line
    Installing Useful Applications
Programming Python on the Raspberry Pi
    Hello World!
    Reserved Words
    Language syntax
    Objects and Modules
    Using IDLE

Course outlines and application form here.

Bayview Hotel
30 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189621

12 Sep 2013 (Thu)

9am to 5pm


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