Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Training Schedule for July

I have published my upcoming training course schedules in Google Calendar. You can view it below. In particular, there are three courses in July:

* iPhone Programming - 30-31 July 2009
* Android Programming - 23-24 July 2009
* Programming Mapping Applications - 17 July 2009

You can also subscribe to my training calendar here.
Download course application form here.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Programming Mapping Applications - 19th June 2009 (Fri)

This 19th June 2009 (Fri), I will be running the Programming Mapping Applications course.

For the course, I will cover the following:
* How to programming Virtual Earth and Google Maps using JavaScript (through web browsers)
* How to obtain geographical data using GPS and Cell IDs (C#, Windows Mobile and Windows Forms)
* How to translate Cell IDs into Lat and Lng (C#) through a secret Google Maps API

The objectives of this course are:
* to get participants acquainted with the map APIs such as Google Maps and Virtual Earth
* to learn the various techniques to obtain GPS data and Cell IDs
* to learn how to use location data to build interesting apps

* S$399

For registration, please email me at weimenglee@learn2develop.net.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

C# 3.0 Programming Course (SINGAPORE) 22-24th June 2009

This is your last chance to enrol for the upcoming C# 3.0 Programming (22-24th June 2009) course.

Besides learning all the fundamentals of C#, this course will introduce several technologies that would be of interest to a C# developer:

* Developing and deploying smart clients using ClickOnce
* Developing AJAX web applications
* Developing and consuming Web services

Participants will also receive a copy of my latest book - C# 2008 Programmer's Reference (S$69) free of charge.

For quick registration, please email me at:weimenglee@learn2develop.net.