Friday, June 02, 2017

DevTeach app developed using React Native now available on Google Play and Apple App Store

Developing cross platform mobile apps is currently one of the most important topics for developers - no one wants to maintain multiple code bases unnecessarily, and code reuse is super important. Hence, I wanted to see for my myself how React Native can help in this. 

And so I went out to develop an app for the DevTeach ( conference (in which I am speaking and running a workshop next month). And here I created quite a simple app in a couple of days. And it runs on both Android and iOS. 

Overall, I am quite pleasantly surprised by the versatility of React Native and I saved quite a lot of time in testing my UI as I don't have to redeploy the app every time I have an UI change - pressing Cmd-R reloads your app. 

You can now download the DevTeach app from Google Play as well as from Apple's App Store