Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Last call - Windows Mobile Course 5,6,7 Dec 2007

Despite the relaxed holiday season in December, the Windows Mobile course is nearing full-class. If you are still undecided if you want to enroll in the class, do so quickly as there are only 2-seats left. You need to bring your own notebook (with Visual Studio 2005 pre-installed) and I will provide you with a 2GB pen drive (you can keep it after the class) containing all the required software components/code samples for the course. And of course, lunch is provided and not to mention, lots of fun as you learn how to build cool Windows Mobile applications!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Professional Windows Vista Gadgets Programming (Wrox)

This afternoon, I received my author's copy of the Professional Windows Vista Gadgets Programming (Wrox). It sure looks and feels good! Even though this is not the first book I have written, I still feel excited every time I receive my own book.

And in case you missed the seems like Windows Mobile will soon be supporting Windows SideShow....a topic covered in depth in this book. Check out the news from Engadget.

iPod Vending Machine in San Francisco

I was recently in San Francisco where I spotted this iPod vending machine at the basement of Macy's shopping centre. I think this is a brilliant idea to get people to spend money without thinking too know, your kids will see this and pester you to buy one for them. And before you regain your sanity, you will be busy swiping your credit card and reaching to pick up the iPod that has magically appeared in the little window...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Build Your Own Windows Mobile RSS Reader

Phones using the Windows Mobile 6 Standard do not have touch screens, which poses certain challenges when developing applications to run on them. Learn how to develop with these challenges in mind as you build a useful RSS Reader application for these devices.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Create Your Own Mailing List Server with .NET 2.0

Learn how to build your own mailing list server, making use of the new classes located in the System.Net.Mail namespace in .NET 2.0, as well as some techniques to retrieve emails from Outlook.

Coming to a city near you - Windows Mobile 6 Programming Course

I am currently in the planning stage to run the Windows Mobile 6 Programming class in the United States in 2008. This will be a 3-day class that covers all the fundamentals of developing Windows Mobile 6 applications - Classic, Professional, and Standard. You will be up and developing your own Windows Mobile applications after the end of the 3-day.

Drop me a note to let me know where you are located and your desired dates. If you would like in-house corporate training, do also drop me a note. For detailed course content, drop me an email at and I will send it to you.