Monday, November 30, 2009

Last call for iPhone Network Programming Course - 4th Dec 2009 (Fri)

This is the last call for the iPhone Network Programming course scheduled to run this coming Friday (4th Dec 2009; course has been confirmed).

If you have always wanted to learn how to write networked iPhone applications, this is your best chance! You will learn:

* How to consume Web services
* How to connect to sockets
* How to communicate with another device using Bluetooth
* How to voice chat using Bluetooth
* How to send notifications to your device using the Apple Push Notification services
* How to program Bonjour (NEW!)

All participants will receive a 8GB third generation iPod Touch.

For quick registration, please email me at

Thursday, November 05, 2009

iPhone Network Programming Course - 4th Dec 2009 (Fri)

This 4th Dec 2009, join us in this new and exciting run of the iPhone Network Programming Course.

In this 1-day course, you will learn how to:
* Consume XML Web services in your iPhone/iPod Touch applications
* Use Bluetooth to connect to another iPhone/iPod Touch
* Use sockets to communicate with another server using TCP/IP
* Implement voice chatting in your applications
* Use the Apple Push Notification Services to ensure your applications is always notified of changes.

Note: This is an advanced class and you should preferably have attended the foundation class.

Best of all, all participants of this course will get a free third-generation 8GB iPod Touch.

* 4th Dec 2009 (Fri)

* S$699

* To be confirmed

Download the course application here.