Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3-day C# 3.0 Programming - 9-11 Sep 2009

Since the release of the Microsoft .NET Framework in July 2000, the C# programming language has gone through a few revisions, with the latest version 3.0. Over the years, the C# language has gained a lot of followers, partly due to its familiar syntax to Java and C. The clear syntax of the language made it easy to learn, and is a popular choice for beginning programmers.

The latest version of C# 3.0 comes with .NET Framework 3.5. It contains many new features that make the language more intuitive and powerful. Coupled with Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft’s flagship development environment, developing applications using C# is now available to a wide audience. In this fast-pace 3-day course, attendees will gain a solid foundation in C# programming and learn the various new features in C# 3.0.

Basics of the .NET Framework
C# language foundation
Class and Objects
Delegates and Events
Files and Streams
Exception Handling
Arrays and Collections
Language Integrated Query

For pricing and course brochure, download application form here.

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